“I’m not in jail, but it’s like I’m in jail because I can’t do nothing.

What do they expect you to do? Do they want you to lose your house? Do they want you to end up in the shelter? Do they want my lights to turn off? I wasn’t convicted of any crime yet, but I’m still on the outskirts. This is East New York, Brownsville. Are they doing this in Fort Greene? Are they doing this in Bay Ridge? Am I getting penalized because I live in East New York, Brownsville? Are we in trouble for just living here?” 

Kejuan worked for developmentally disabled adults until an undercover police officer engaged him in a drug related conversation. He was arrested and charged with felony drug sale. Even though the case was ultimately dropped, the arrest and charge alone had serious consequences. He lost his job, couldn't get hired by anyone, and he was forced into welfare.